Depth Charge

Devotions for the entire family!

No doubt, families are super busy these days.  In the midst of your full schedules, consider adding the most important ingredient to your family - the Word of God.

Depth Charge, a new online resource, will provide your family with three days of devotions and culminate in a Family Altar Time that has been put together for you. 

Here's how it works. Each week, subscribers will be able to download material in four categories:
(1) Spiritual Leader - Dad or Single Mom
(2) Adult - Spouse and other Adults in the home
(3) Student - Middle and High Schoolers
(4) Kids - Children who can read

For devotional days, everyone is reading the same scriptures with slightly different applications and is based on a 20-minute plan (except for Kids). Each day also has an "Overtime" option if they can go longer. The Spiritual Leader will have a Family Altar time included that is scheduled for 30 minutes, but doesn't have to be limited to that. The Family Altar reviews the previous week's material and has questions and applications for the family. Couples can do this as well, using only the Adult devotions.

All this for $9.99 a month. That's a Netflix subscription or two Venti drinks at Starbucks.

Parents, don't give up on this idea! YOU CAN DO THIS! All the work has been done for you. You just have to find the time. I know it isn't easy, but nothing life-giving is. I know it will be a game-changer for your family.

For more info and a free two-week trial, go to