Love Does

By Pastor Dave McNeely

October 12, 2018

   I was reminded during my latest two book reads of Love Does and Everybody Always, both by Bob Goff that the greatest theology that we all can participate in is that, Love Does. In scripture Paul reminds us that Love is the greatest of all and that when life as we know it is exhausted that love will outlast and conquer all things. He even challenges us to know that we can have the best of everything else now but the measurement will be if we have not loved then we have actually had nothing at all. (1 Corinthians 13). 


   Love Does means there is an action to our love, that like faith without deed is dead (James 2: 17) therefore so is love without action 1 John 4: 17, John would tell us that our love then is incomplete. Our actions of love keep the flow of love moving through us and into others, into our families, and into our communities. Without the flow of love our world will not know the love of God nor that He is the resource of such a love. Love flows from the Father to us and through us and into our neighbors thus the flow of love becomes complete. People are created in the image of God who is love, to both love and to be loved, without love we are incomplete.


   Love Does is an intentional decision - we have to be prepared each moment of each day to act in love. Today we can determine to tell ourself that we will choose to be intentional to love someone with a love that holds no strings attached. Church, what if we choose to be more intentional each day to look for a Love Does opportunities? How would our community be impacted by a church that says today; “Love Does”? How would our neighbors react if we all took Jesus at His words and decided to “love our neighbors as we love ourselves”? That type of love requires actions. The Love Does that Jesus exemplified was a love that bridged gaps instead of creating gaps, it truly was a Love Does theology  - isn’t that a theology that we can all agree on? Isn’t that a theology that God both created and offers us today in His Son Jesus?


   For God so loved the world ...

 Pastor Dave McNeely

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