December 11, 2015


* Change.......

And that is the end of the story. -period-

I love to watch a good, long movie. Or, watching a loooooong series ~ such as Downton Abbey or Foyle's War or Lord of the Rings or Band of Brothers. Strange assortment ~ but 4 of my favorite series.

While I am thoroughly enjoying watching the series, I get "involved" in the story, era and the lives of the characters. But in the back of my mind, reality is whispering to me that the end of the series is coming. The end is inevitable. But I don't want it all to end!!!

This got me thinking....and then ~ Lightbulb!!!  :-) I is not that I do not like change ~ the cold hard fact is this: I do not like endings.

But also ~ what do I do when I finish watching a series? Eventually ~ START another one.  :-)

Because the good thing is this: an ending means also a new beginning!!!

So, take that thought and apply it to this ~ God has so much in store for us!!! He likes beginnings!!! He began the Bible with "In the BEGINNING...!!!"

Even the end of the Bible is about a new beginning!!! Jesus says in Revelation 21:5 "Behold I make all things NEW!!!" Shout Now!!!

When you go back to Revelation. 21:1 it says, "Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the old heaven and the old earth had disappeared. And the sea was also gone."

A new heaven and a new earth because the old heaven and earth were gone. Done.
Fulfilled their time.
The end made way for a new beginning.

Is there something ending in your life? It has fulfilled its time for your life. Embrace the change. Embrace the new. God has so much for you. Just because you don't know all the details yet, doesn't mean it is bad....or wrong....or late!!! You may not know ~ but God does!!! Trust Him in the change. Trust Him in the new. God is really good with beginnings.

* On 11.29.15 Pastor Lisa Bosse announced to her New Life Family that she was stepping down as Pastor and allowing God to MOVE FORWARD in His next plan for NLCC and for her and her husband John.  Our prayers of love, support, and guidance go with them.  Our unity prayer for His New Life Family is:  "Open our eyes to Your will O Lord !"

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