A Summer in Ephesians


June 11, 2015

~ A Summer in Ephesians ~

When I was growing up -- in our neighborhood we would play a lot of sandlot baseball. We would go out to the field behind our house and bring all of our baseball gear. Then, all my older brother Brent had to do was start hitting the ball while my younger brother and sisters and I would run around out in the field to catch the ball and throw it back.  We would keep doing this until the neighborhood kids showed up and we had enough for 2 teams. We would split up into our teams and have a blast!!!

I love that my brother simply "called" the neighborhood kids with the crack of the bat -- and they came running because they wanted to be a part of something. Not that I think as kids we thought that deeply, but we were drawn to come and be a part of the game. We wanted to be a part of something!!!

How much more -- as we look to the Cross. The Cross where Christ hung and willingly gave His life to pay for our sins ~ was lifted up so all could see. His sacrifice was God's redemptive plan calling out to all of us -- COME!!!

Because of what Jesus accomplished on the Cross (just to name a few of the joyous blessings of Jesus)

  • we are drawn to His redeeming love!!!
  • we are set free forever!!!
  • we are forgiven!!!
  • we are made right with God!!!
  • we are complete in Him!!!
  • we have His peace!!!
  • we have His joy!!!

"Christ sacrificed His life's blood to set us free, which means our sins are now forgiven. Christ did this because of God's gift of undeserved grace to us!!!" (Ephesians 1:7, 8a CEV)

Thank the Lord for His redemption, grace and mercy!!! He is so faithful!!! "Faith honors God and God honors faith." Come and be a part of something wonderful and eternal!!! God's plan of peace, joy, grace and victory!!! All because Jesus willingly went to the Cross to die for our sins!!! Hear Him calling you!!! Come to Him -- He loves you so much!!! Shout Now!!!

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