Our God Provides!!! Still Believing!!! Still Going Forward!!!


August 27, 2014

When I was a little girl, my sister Brenda and I would go and spend time at our Grampa and Gramma's in the summertime. Sometimes we would be there at their house for 2 whole weeks!!! Vacation for us and for mom and dad -- now only 4 kids were left at home!!! Har!!! :)

Well, my Gramma loved to sew. She loved to so sew much (so sew-that's funny!!!), she loved it so much that her Singer sewing machine sat in the dining room as a place of honor!!! At least that's what I thought. :) To my knowledge, her sewing machine was never covered or closed up in a case. It was always being used!!!  (Oh my goodness -- if they had Pinterest back then, my Gramma would be pinning and making everything!!!) :)

Well, I remember one of these times I was there, I had not packed enough shorts to wear to play outside. And it was one of those hot, muggy Michigan Summers. My Gramma looked at me and said, "You need some shorts. I will make you some right now!!!"

Gramma looked through her vault of patterns :) and selected one. Then she started looking through her treasure trove of fabric pieces. Aha! She found the perfect piece -- the right amount was left. She proceeded to lay out the pattern and pin it to the fabric. I got to cut out the patterned fabric. Then Gramma set out to work. In about 25 minutes she handed me my new shorts!!! Yaaaaay!!!

Okay -- this got me thinking -- God sees us in our need -- He doesn't leave us there!!! He says -- "Look up!!! You need Me!!! You need peace, joy, grace, strength, courage, hope OR -- (you fill in your blank here that you need from God)."

God will provide all that you need to go forward in Him!!! You hear me say it all the time but it's true -- The King is WILD about you!!!
(Psalm 45:11 Message)

Just like my Gramma illustrated and saw my need and went about taking care of me -- how much more does our wonderful Lord and Savior, see our need and provide for us.

Romans 5:8 says: "While we were yet sinners (helpless -- and we could do nothing to fix our helpless situation) Christ died for us!!!" Jesus has already provided the Ultimate sacrifice and given His life and rose again -- to provide redemption, mercy and grace!!! Yep -- He's that crazy about YOU!!!

And daily -- because of what Jesus accomplished on the cross -- we get to walk in His freedom, peace, grace and joy -- just to name a few!!! :)

Today -- Rejoice in God's wonderful provision for you!!! Jesus loves you and is praying for you right now!!! The Holy Spirit is here to comfort, lead and fill you!!! God has got you covered!!! Today, I pray that you walk FREE in His provision for you!!! Shout Now!!! :)

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