What's That Smell?!?!


July 1, 2014

When my kids were little, we would visit our Macon County Fair in Franklin, NC.  This fair was the perfect little hometown fair.  Complete with all the homemade quilts, jellies and pies!!! And all the delightful farm animals!!! The kids had no interest in looking at the crafts and home-baked goods. They wanted to see the animals!!! This was like having our own Zoo right in our backyard!!!  And we could visit everyday for the whole Fair week!!!

As we walked through the barns, we would take our time. The rabbits were so fluffy and adorable. The goats -- oh, just too cute. The cows were so docile and sweet. The horses, so majestic and beautiful. The sheep -- too precious!!! We just had a great time walking through our little country Zoo.

Until, we got to the pigs. The kids said they wanted to see all the animals, so we approached the pig building and started to walk in. Immediately the kids started covering their faces and plugging their noses and exclaiming, "It stinks in here!!! Pigs stink!!! Let's leave!!!"

It got me thinking -- what fragrance do we live and leave?  When the kids were babies, they would get passed around at church on Sunday morning. When we got home, I could smell the fragrances of who held my babies that morning.

How much more -- are our lives a fragrance and an aroma to the Lord and to our world around us.

"But thanks be to God, who always leads us as captives in Christ's
triumphal procession and uses us to spread the aroma of the knowledge
of Him everywhere!!!" (2 Corinthians 2:14 NIV)

Your life is a fragrance of Christ to your world around you!!!  You are a beautiful aroma as you share Jesus with your world!!!  Allow Jesus to flow through you as you are a wonderful fragrance of His love. He will help you and lead you!!! Jesus is praying for you!!! Shout Now!!! :)

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