What Kind of Soil are You?


October 30, 2013

What kind of soil are you?

In Luke 8 Jesus tells the parable about the soils. Notice here, you have the:
Same Sower
Same Seed
Same Weather Conditions
Different results!!!
Why? The problem does not lie in the Sower and the seed -- the problem lies with the soil!!!

The Seed is the Word of God -- and as the Seed goes out -- each time we heard the Word of God, it is up to us as the hearer/receiver -- the soil, how we respond to the Seed.

Every time the Word goes out -- this parable of the soils/souls that Jesus tells here goes into action. We are either:

#1) FOOTPATH SOIL – Hard Soul
This soil represents the person who hears the Word but quickly allows the devil to snatch the seed away.
#2) ROCKY SOIL – Shallow Soul
This soil illustrates the emotional hearer who quickly responds to the message but his interest dies away or life gets rough and then they do not continue growing and maturing according to God's Word.
#3) THORNY SOIL – Crowded Soul
This soil represents the person who does not repent and “weed out” the weeds –the things that hinder the harvest in their own personal life. And they go their own way instead of God's Way.
#4) GOOD SOIL – Humble & Contrite Soul
This soil represents the person who hears the Word and it falls on good ground. It’s fertile soil. Willing to be worked and tilled. The seed is able to take root – grow deep. Follows Jesus no matter what the cost!!!

Every time God's Word goes out -- one of these soils is in operation. Oh Lord!!! May we have the good soil, humble and contrite!!! Looking to You!!! The soul that hears Your Word and allows Your Seed to be planted into our hearts and lives. Holy Spirit, help us to be mature and growing in the Word of God!!! We want to be ALL that you have called us to be, for YOUR glory!!! Changed for Your glory!!! Shout Now!!!

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