Lift Up Your Eyes - Still Believing - Still Going Forward!!!


March 26, 2013

A couple of weeks ago -- I was blessed and honored to share at an area WOW!!! event. The young lady that led the worship was blind. She had been born blind -- so that is all she knew. She said that though life had its challenges, she had no regrets. She loved the Lord dearly and trusted Him.

Then she began to sing -- how absolutely precious!!! She had a beautiful sweet voice. She started singing -- "Open the eyes of my heart Lord! Open the eyes of my heart -- I want to see You!!! I want to see You!!!"

To have a blind young lady singing -- Lord, I want to see You -- was such an incredible and blessed experience!!! To think that when she walks into heaven -- Jesus is the first One she will see with her new eyes!!! Talk about "opening the eyes of our heart"!!!

But as she sang -- I sensed that she saw much deeper and much more than we could see. As if while she was singing "Open the eyes of my heart, Lord" -- He was!!! She sang with such a sweet voice and a such a sweet Jesus-loving spirit -- it was precious!!!

It got me thinking -- what eyes am I looking at things with? Eyes of faith or eyes of worry? Eyes of encouragement or eyes of discouragement? Eyes looking to the Lord or eyes looking to self?

"I lift up my eyes to the mountains— where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth!!!" (Psalm 121:1, 2 NIV)

Stop looking at your problem -- and lift up your eyes -- to Jesus!!! He is your ever-present Help in the time of your need!!! He is already here for you!!! Shout now!!!

Looking to Jesus -- He's the One Who can do something about your need -- your heartache -- your dream -- your burden -- your everything!!!
In fact, He is already praying for you!!! Keep your eyes on Him!!! Look to Jesus -- He is here for you!!! He is crazy about you!!! Shout Now!!! :)

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