Our Core Classes are designed for individuals who are seeking close fellowship with Jesus.

When one considers becoming a New Life partner, they begin by participating in CORE CLASS #1 - Commitment to Fellowship.  This class shares the history, vision, and core values/beliefs of New Life Community Church.  Sessions take place over several weeks and once it is finished, individuals may decide if membership at New Life is something they wish to pursue. 

CORE CLASS #2 - Purpose Driven Discipleship (also known as Spiritual Maturity).  This class is designed for those wanting to deepen their commitment to the Lord and learn  "...that you may become mature Christians and may fulfill God's will for you." ~ Colossians 4:12b and  "We are not meant to remain as children... but to grow up in every way into Christ..." ~ Ephesians 4:14-15.  Participants can expect to learn skills to equip them with the skills to begin the four basic habits every Christian needs.

CORE CLASS #3 - Discovering your God-Given Gifts and Talents.  This class will allow participants to discover how God has prepared them for their special gifts and talents.  Some people may not realize what their gifts and talents are; CORE #3 provides the tools for each individual to learn what God is saying to them about such things.

CORE CLASS #4 - Discipleship is offered to individuals who have a desire to dive deeper into God's Word and Jesus' teachings.  Learn what it means to be a disciple of Christ and how to live it everyday!

All CORE classes take place in the Spring and Fall
Sunday mornings at 9 AM.
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